Friday, December 28, 2007

A Beautiful Christmas card

A friend sent this link to me for an interactive Christmas. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Peace and joy for the new year!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Finally, I am back online again!

After a major computer crash and other realities of life, my son is loaning me his laptop until I can save enough for a new computer. Which may be a while!

I just moved into the senior apt that I had applied for, waited for, prayed for! Of course, not one to do things the easy way, I managed to have fever and diarrhea for two weeks before the move! Lost 14 lbs. (I do NOT recommend this as a diet strategy!) Had to go to the ER one Sunday as I was so dehydrated to get an IV. And keep packing whenever I could manage to sit on the edge of the bed for more than a few minutes!

Thankfully my church came and moved me into the new apt., helped Pat get moved into his new apt. Pat comes over now and does my shopping, laundry, etc. We've come through the worst of it!

I kept myself from going totally crazy by knitting socks for myself. We had one huge snow storm that dropped 2 ft of snow on us here in upstate NY. I have a lovely view of the city from my apt, perfect for snow watching! I'm on the fourth floor, the apt. has elevators (no stairs, hooray!) and I go out as rarely as possible!

Ann is going to share some of her acrylic stash with me so I can make baby things and kid things for the Rez. Hard washing, hard wearing lovely acrylic! I love knitting with wool, but new moms need easy things to take care of and no worries about shrinkage.

I may soon have a female cat. I contacted the local Humane Society and as always, they have an abundance of cats ready to be adopted. They told me that they have a number of cats that have very reduced adoption fees, which is what I would need with my skinny budget! But it would be so nice to have a furry little companion! I will have to make a place on the window ledge where she can watch the snow come down. There is a large tree by my living room window and the top of it can be seen. I got up the other morning and it looked like the tree had been dusted with powdered sugar! Of course, Spring will bring green leaves and birds to visit, which will be a treat for the cat and I.

I hope all of you have a happy holiday season with your families. Patrick is going to visit friends, so it will be a movie/knitting day for me, which is fine.