Saturday, April 28, 2007

5 Hour Finished!

Okay! Here it is!

I'm really happy with the way this little sweater turned out. I'll be packing this off to the Rez after the 1st. It is light weight enough that some little girl will soon be wearing it.

I think the next sweater will be a cotton or cotton blend with the hotter weather coming up. Of course, I'll be sewing, too.

Off to pack a box!

Friday, April 27, 2007

5 hour sweater almost done

I'm using Gail Bable's Baby Boy 5 Hour Sweater pattern:
This one obviously will be for a girl because of the colors, but I like this version better than the original. Gail's pattern is easier for me to knit and I like the less lacey look. Changing the colors makes the sweater for boy or girl. I'm knitting the body of the sweater now and will soon have it finished. I still can't knit it in 5 hours though! Maybe the next one will go faster! The first time I knitted the original pattern, I really struggled and I thought "I'll NEVER knit this again!" But finding Gail's patterns has enamored me of this little sweater and I know I'll make more of them!

I think my next sweater will be from Kids to Grown Ups Seamless Sweatersby Mary Rich Goodwin
They are knit from the top down, like Gail's pattern, in all sizes, so I will make one for Cora and one for Piper. I like the idea of making the patterns in the yoke. Makes good use of small bits of yarn. For kids I use washable yarns--have to be practical!

I went through my knitting lists and dropped some of them. Kept the Native American Support Group
for my major knitting efforts. Decided to cut back and just concentrate on the Rez, which I've been knitting and sewing for many years now. When I get too scattered I don't feel like I accomplish much. Working for the Rez lets me send things more regularly. And goodness knows, the people there need what our group sends.

Payday I plan to get fabric to sew for the kids. Shorts and tees. Summer IS coming!
Back to knitting!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

Waiting for new Ball Winder

My other ball winder broke (ah, the joys of plastic!) so I am waiting for a new one to arrive. Wrote to customer service to check on the order and hope to hear from them tomorrow. They have my money and I want my Ball Winder! The Ball Winder should mount well on my computer desk and be more stable. And cause less trouble.

We still are having snow showers and rain showers.

I need to finish the pink BSJ and the Dulaan hat. Then will make some more hats, I guess. Found a cute hat pattern--called a Cupcake Hat


Would use up a lot of stash odds and ends and be colorful.

Enough for tonight

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Collegiate BSJ finished

I finished the BSJ for Mary's grandson today and blocked it. It is in USC colors, maroon and gold, and turned out so cute. It will be on its way to California soon. His birthday is April 20th.

I'm going to look at some other college colors for BSJs. Maybe do a large one in CSU-Chico colors for Piper. She sure is growing. And look for the colors for South Dakota for the Rez. I like the way the wide stripes turned out.

I have a pink BSJ on the needles--may do white pin stripes on that one. Sport yarn and size 3 needles. Will be a little one.

No sewing as yet. Do have a new computer desk up and functioning, for which I am glad. Patrick put it together for me on Tuesday. Lots more room for everything and more comfortable to work at.

Have got to hook up my camera, though, so I can start adding pictures again.

Not much else going on.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Square knitting needles?

Always something new! These do look interesting--supposed to be easier on your hands--and I may try them to see if that is true. My hands have been giving me lots of pain lately. Here is the link:

I bought a 47" size 8 Addi Turbo and it came yesterday. Unfortunately, I may have to send it back. There is a major flaw on one of the tips--a deep groove that really interferes with knitting. I started a hat on it and have about 1 inch of ribbing done. It is really irritating me more and more. So I guess I will have to email the store and let them know about it. I've never any problems with Addis before--have always been my favorite needles. I love the 47 inch size for doing Magic Loop and Addis have a wonderfully flexible cord.

The hat will be for Dulaan--100% wool. I love doing Magic Loop for hats as you never have to worry about changing to DPNs.

info about Dulaan:

The maroon and gold BSJ for Mary's grandson is about 1/2 finished. Really nice colors and very collegiate looking! Will post a photo when it is finished.

Found the gray knit material I bought for some pants for myself, so will work on the pattern and try to get them cut out this week.