Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Bond is Back in its Box

After having the Bond taken apart three different times by Cora, I decided to just put it away and concentrate on some sewing instead. Will keep hand knitting projects going, but Cora doesn't seem to bother them much.

Took the sewing machine to Gloversville Sewing Center to be checked out and it turned out that a belt had been jolted off the pulley in the machine. No cost to me, thank goodness! Those Delta baggage handlers sure must have been throwing things around pretty hard to do that.

I will be sewing some pants for the kids at the Rez. I'm going to check for some sturdy material on Pay Day--dark colors that will look good on girls or boys. Marilyn is going to go through her stash and send me a box of material--that will help a lot. I did get a folding cutting board to use on my bed, so will trace out some pants patterns and get ready to sew. I really like the patterns in the Kwik Sew book Sewing for Children. I've ordered the Sewing for Toddlers book, too. Kwik Sew patterns fit close to ready to wear size. I think I will make size 10 pants this time. Some of those older kids going to school will need them, I'm sure.

I'm also going to make some summer PJs for Cora and Piper. The weather is actually getting warmer! Piper can use the warm weather clothes now, actually. Her dad says it has been getting up into the 80s at times in California. Piper has a birthday coming up April 21st and some summer nighties and new reading books will be on their way to her before long. She loves to read--so does Cora. Well, Piper can actually read for herself now--but Cora loves to be read to. I joined a childrens book club so I can get age appropriate books for them easily.

I have two projects to do for friends: Mary asked me to knit a BSJ for her grandson, who will be one on April 20th. She hasn't sent the yarn yet. And Rachael's mom, Darlene, asked me to crochet a blanket for her grandson, Devlin. She had planned to crochet it herself, but is having trouble with her fibromyalgia and it is too painful for her to crochet. I did a swatch tonight and the yarn is very nice, but I would MUCH rather knit! I may see if I can talk her into changing to a knitted pattern. I would be happier with that! I will knit up a swatch and have Rachael take it over to Darlene to check it out.

Enough for tonight.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Today is a good day for knitting. Well, any day is, really. But I only have to go out once to an appt. with the nutritionist at the Diabetes Center, so the rest of the time here I can work on my projects (in between housework, of course). Thank goodness for the Crockpot! It is doing supper, chili beans, and all I will have to do is make cornbread later. I may even make the cornbread in the breadmachine. I've never tried that before, but I do have a recipe for it.

I'm still working on a flap cap for Dulaan. Just haven't spent a lot of time with it lately. The bright colors I got for the stripes are fun to work with. Wool of the Andes is a nice yarn to knit with and will be warm.