Wednesday, January 31, 2007


What is it with Stash? Put it out of sight and it multiplies the next time you see it! I even shared my stash with some friends when I went out to Calif for a few months--and I'm still finding little bundles here and there.

Of course the fact that I have to try out new yarns is not much help either...I just got some Wool of the Andes yarn from Knit Picks and it is a nice soft yarn. $1.99 skein. Not too bad. And I want to try the 100%wool Patons Classic Wool at Smiley's, too.

And somewhere between NY and Calif are some EZ books floating around, which I will probably have to replace, drat it! First on the list will be Knitting Workshop, which I use a lot. I did find my binder with all the leaflets, thank goodness. And I haven't found my Sensational Socks book yet, either. Maybe if I keep digging around some of them will show up. Frustrating, though.

I have a BSJ that only needs a few more rows to be finished. The weight of the sweater makes my hands hurt--arthritis is the pits. But I shall persevere and get it done. Even if it is one row a day. I love making BSJs so this is bugging me. It isn't the pattern, just hurting hands from the worsted wt. yarn.

I've got to get my camera hooked up to my computer again so I can start posting pictures again. Guess that is a project for tomorrow.

Off to my knitting.

Friday, January 26, 2007

New Year, New Project

I decided that I would get a real estate course and work on buying a house for us. Sure would beat paying rent. Went through the materials and looked at everything. I will be working about 1/2 hour a day at first to get familiar with it and increase time later as I feel more comfortable.

Finishing up a BSJ for the Rez, then will start another one. Also worked on the socks I'm making for myself. More sock yarn coming and some wool from Knit Picks. Will make vests and hats with the wool.

Patrick and I are going to rent a storage unit for his tools today. Then he can move his mechanic tools into it until he gets another job.

Now I need to set up my bookshelves and my chair. I may return the expensive chair and get two cheaper ones. That way I would have a comfy chair for my sewing area. And they are smaller and would take up less space in this crowded room!

Back to my projects

Friday, January 19, 2007

New Year, New Blog

Computer problems and lost my old blog. Well, sometimes it is good to get a fresh start. I'm back in NY with Patrick, Rachael and Cora. Things didn't work out in Calif with Mike. Not too surprising.

Snowing today. Lots of ice yesterday. Much prefer the snow.

Bought a little coffee maker for my morning decaf. Makes 2 mugs. just right.

Knitting on a pair of socks for myself. Will be ordering some new sock yarn soon. Also knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket for the Rez. sweater challenge. Want to start knitting black wool hats for the troops for the Hugs Project.

My sewing machine is on the table, but not hooked up yet. I need to get a swivel desk chair for sewing. Maybe this weekend.

Enough for now.