Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Today is a good day for knitting. Well, any day is, really. But I only have to go out once to an appt. with the nutritionist at the Diabetes Center, so the rest of the time here I can work on my projects (in between housework, of course). Thank goodness for the Crockpot! It is doing supper, chili beans, and all I will have to do is make cornbread later. I may even make the cornbread in the breadmachine. I've never tried that before, but I do have a recipe for it.

I'm still working on a flap cap for Dulaan. Just haven't spent a lot of time with it lately. The bright colors I got for the stripes are fun to work with. Wool of the Andes is a nice yarn to knit with and will be warm.

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