Saturday, February 24, 2007


After some adjustments here and there, I finally got the USM set up on the ironing board and working well. I made the back for a child's vest tonight and will do the front tomorrow. I think I am going to try doing cables. I have the video Let's Knit for Bonders and it is so well done. I watched the whole thing through--learned a lot and gained a lot of encouragement! I also ordered the pattern charts that go with the video and they should be here this week. You can find out more about this excellent video at

I highly recommend it as it is well worth the money. Clearly photographed and full of useful info about knitting on the Bond. The price on Linda's web page is in Canadian dollars, so it actually costs less in US dollars. I got the video when I bought a used USM to expand my Bond to a SuperBond. Didn't know what a treasure I had till I watched it! Much better than the standard Bond video.

I also ordered a rice cooker this week. Found a new one on eBay for 15 dollars--Wolfgang Puck brand--it has been shipped already and I'm looking forward to making brown rice, beans, steamed veggies and a whole lot more with it! I had one in Calif and it really made it a lot easier to stay on my diabetic diet by having basic foods prepared and in the fridge, ready to heat up at meal time.

Once I finish the child's vest, I will dig through my stash for yarn for scarves. It is still cold on the Rez and a warm scarf to wrap around the neck can really help keep a kid warmer. It lets me use up all my bits and pieces from other projects making colorful stripes. And I plan to make Cora a scarf in pink and Piper a scarf in spring green and yellow.

Still haven't hooked up my camera to the computer yet, so no pictures to share.

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