Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tomorrow is a Resting Day

I had a 9 AM doctor appt. and finally got home four hours later, totally wiped out. I took along my washcloth (which will be sent to Rabbitch) to knit on and managed to get a few rows done here and there as I WAITED. I love KIP as it makes me feel less like at least something good is getting accomplished. And it also starts up a lot of conversations.

But tomorrow is Resting Day for me. I really don't have much energy for anything else, but it makes me happy to know that I will have big blocks of time for working on my socks for Akkol. I have two pairs in process and will post pictures later. My next pair will be using the Joan's Sock pattern from the Knit List. Several people have commented how much they like that pattern, so will give it a try. Since they are knitted with two strands of worsted yarn on size 8 needles, they should go fast. And warm. With 40 below zero temps at the orphanage, the kids need warm!

Sewing is at a standstill for the moment. Just can't get anything started. So knitting is what I am doing until some other mad inspiration strikes me.

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