Sunday, June 28, 2009

Knitting--but not posting!

I am indeed getting some knitting done these days! But haven't been able to post any pics. Camera Woes!

I knitted a Raglan Sleeve sweater on the Bond for the Mittens for Akkol group and I'm working on a modified drop shoulder sweater for them as well. Both sweaters are size 40 men for the "graduates" of the orphanages. The kids age out at about 17 and then go on to a trade school or look for work. We try provide each child with a sweater, hat, scarf, mittens, and two pairs of socks. It is a little help for them. Everything is made of wool to keep them warm in those minus 40 winters. I'm using Cascade Eco-Wool and it has worked up beautifully. I like to think of 'MY' kids being warm!

I bought a lot of sock yarn on sale cheap and have lots of worsted wt wool and will be making an all wool version of Joan's Socks. Nice and thick and quick to knit! We will be sending 500 socks to the orphanages for their January "Father Frost" celebration. I'm sure there will be extra mittens and scarves, but the big push is for socks.

For Native American Support, I'm knitting thick socks and mittens, but can use WoolEase or acrylic. Will be doing Joan's Sock pattern for most sizes. Aiming at WARM of course!

Found a cute baby raglan sweater
I like red for babies!

Haven't done much sewing. Too hot! I'm on the list to get a free AC from the Office of the Aging. Sure hope it comes through!

I've postponed my back surgery for now. Will be getting alternative treatments and check back with the doc in a couple of months.

Will try to have some pics to post next time.

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