Saturday, June 26, 2010

Catching up

I've been busy, but haven't been blogging. New additions to my apartment: an electric wheelchair, an electric lift chair/lounger and a Brother knitting machine. The muscles get weaker, but the toys keep me going!

I'm still making sweaters for Akkol, mittens for the Rez and thick socks for Akkol. I want to start making hats for the Rez soon. And try out the Brother km which Lee Cash gave to me. It is a standard gauge machine, will knit the thinner yarns up to sport weight. I've replaced the sponge bar, but still need to clean and oil it before I take on any projects. And I need to get a proper table for it. Wish I had another bedroom so I could set everything up in there, but ah well...will have to live with my creative mess!

I gifted myself with a set of Zepher interchangeable needles from KnitPicks for my birthday this month. They are acrylic, clear, slightly flexible and very easy to knit with. Very easy on my aching hands. I find that I can knit for longer periods of time with them.

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