Sunday, August 23, 2009

Attack of the Corn Husks!

Who knew? It took a 20 lb. black and white Tuxedo cat to show me the error of my ways. All this time, I thought they were just innocent little wrappers protecting the kernels of corn.

One of the delights of summer is the wonderful sweet corn in season and the local farmer's market comes every Thursday to the parking lot of my apartment. Talk about convenient! Sweet corn is always a welcome treat--but now has taken on new meaning. Husking a dozen ears of corn can be messy (at least the way I do it) with bits of husks flying everywhere.

Valentine smelled and touched and snagged little bits to play with. He tasted the green tips, chased the little husks like the monsters that he knew they were. Protecting his loved ones from the menace of strange corn husks invading the kitchen.

I'm still finding corn husks in odd places! But he had fun and it was a delight to watch him play. Life should be so simple for the rest of the world!

I'm working on a knitted helmet liner for soldiers. Made of 100% wool (no acrylics which can melt and burn), they keep the body heat well, don't interfere with their vision. Protecting the head to conserve heat helps them stay alert and make good decisions in a stressful situation.

Another knitter said she had problems with the pattern she was using, getting holes near the mouth area. I decided to make one and see if I could figure out a solution. It seems a strange pattern to me, but will make it AS IS. I can already think of several possibilities to simplify the process. I'll report back in later and publish any adjustments I come up with.

I'm working on Mittnz 2009 slowly. But I'd better get in gear as they have to shipped to the Rez at the end of Sept for the Blitz.

Have a pair of socks in progress for Piper, socks planned for Akkol.

And I am committed to writing family stories for Piper this year.

Continue to work on cool ties for the troops. Will mail what I have to Ship Support on Sept. 1st.

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