Friday, January 19, 2007

New Year, New Blog

Computer problems and lost my old blog. Well, sometimes it is good to get a fresh start. I'm back in NY with Patrick, Rachael and Cora. Things didn't work out in Calif with Mike. Not too surprising.

Snowing today. Lots of ice yesterday. Much prefer the snow.

Bought a little coffee maker for my morning decaf. Makes 2 mugs. just right.

Knitting on a pair of socks for myself. Will be ordering some new sock yarn soon. Also knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket for the Rez. sweater challenge. Want to start knitting black wool hats for the troops for the Hugs Project.

My sewing machine is on the table, but not hooked up yet. I need to get a swivel desk chair for sewing. Maybe this weekend.

Enough for now.

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