Friday, January 26, 2007

New Year, New Project

I decided that I would get a real estate course and work on buying a house for us. Sure would beat paying rent. Went through the materials and looked at everything. I will be working about 1/2 hour a day at first to get familiar with it and increase time later as I feel more comfortable.

Finishing up a BSJ for the Rez, then will start another one. Also worked on the socks I'm making for myself. More sock yarn coming and some wool from Knit Picks. Will make vests and hats with the wool.

Patrick and I are going to rent a storage unit for his tools today. Then he can move his mechanic tools into it until he gets another job.

Now I need to set up my bookshelves and my chair. I may return the expensive chair and get two cheaper ones. That way I would have a comfy chair for my sewing area. And they are smaller and would take up less space in this crowded room!

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