Friday, April 27, 2007

5 hour sweater almost done

I'm using Gail Bable's Baby Boy 5 Hour Sweater pattern:
This one obviously will be for a girl because of the colors, but I like this version better than the original. Gail's pattern is easier for me to knit and I like the less lacey look. Changing the colors makes the sweater for boy or girl. I'm knitting the body of the sweater now and will soon have it finished. I still can't knit it in 5 hours though! Maybe the next one will go faster! The first time I knitted the original pattern, I really struggled and I thought "I'll NEVER knit this again!" But finding Gail's patterns has enamored me of this little sweater and I know I'll make more of them!

I think my next sweater will be from Kids to Grown Ups Seamless Sweatersby Mary Rich Goodwin
They are knit from the top down, like Gail's pattern, in all sizes, so I will make one for Cora and one for Piper. I like the idea of making the patterns in the yoke. Makes good use of small bits of yarn. For kids I use washable yarns--have to be practical!

I went through my knitting lists and dropped some of them. Kept the Native American Support Group
for my major knitting efforts. Decided to cut back and just concentrate on the Rez, which I've been knitting and sewing for many years now. When I get too scattered I don't feel like I accomplish much. Working for the Rez lets me send things more regularly. And goodness knows, the people there need what our group sends.

Payday I plan to get fabric to sew for the kids. Shorts and tees. Summer IS coming!
Back to knitting!

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Mariella said...

Keep on knitting! That's a great color combo and I agree, Gail's pattern is much easier.