Saturday, April 7, 2007

Square knitting needles?

Always something new! These do look interesting--supposed to be easier on your hands--and I may try them to see if that is true. My hands have been giving me lots of pain lately. Here is the link:

I bought a 47" size 8 Addi Turbo and it came yesterday. Unfortunately, I may have to send it back. There is a major flaw on one of the tips--a deep groove that really interferes with knitting. I started a hat on it and have about 1 inch of ribbing done. It is really irritating me more and more. So I guess I will have to email the store and let them know about it. I've never any problems with Addis before--have always been my favorite needles. I love the 47 inch size for doing Magic Loop and Addis have a wonderfully flexible cord.

The hat will be for Dulaan--100% wool. I love doing Magic Loop for hats as you never have to worry about changing to DPNs.

info about Dulaan:

The maroon and gold BSJ for Mary's grandson is about 1/2 finished. Really nice colors and very collegiate looking! Will post a photo when it is finished.

Found the gray knit material I bought for some pants for myself, so will work on the pattern and try to get them cut out this week.

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