Thursday, April 12, 2007

Collegiate BSJ finished

I finished the BSJ for Mary's grandson today and blocked it. It is in USC colors, maroon and gold, and turned out so cute. It will be on its way to California soon. His birthday is April 20th.

I'm going to look at some other college colors for BSJs. Maybe do a large one in CSU-Chico colors for Piper. She sure is growing. And look for the colors for South Dakota for the Rez. I like the way the wide stripes turned out.

I have a pink BSJ on the needles--may do white pin stripes on that one. Sport yarn and size 3 needles. Will be a little one.

No sewing as yet. Do have a new computer desk up and functioning, for which I am glad. Patrick put it together for me on Tuesday. Lots more room for everything and more comfortable to work at.

Have got to hook up my camera, though, so I can start adding pictures again.

Not much else going on.

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