Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy July 4th!

We are having a rainy 4th of July--nice and cool but I think it will delay the local fireworks until this weekend. Cora is excited about seeing them. And of course doesn't want to wait.

No pics today. Will try to add some next time. I'm making mittens for Cora's class and the Mitten Box we are making. I have neon green, bright orange,variegated yarns and of course, pink, for Cora.

I bought some material for cool ties for the troops. I hope my crystals and other material arrive soon so I can get started on them. The temps in Iraq are really hot now.

I have 5 new soldiers to write to this week, so will let this do and get to the letter writing. Mail call is important to them and some of them don't get much mail.

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