Saturday, June 23, 2007

I Cutted It, Grandma

Another Cora adventure.

I got a new book about knitted toys--The World of Knitted Toys--and Cora found some kittens that she wants me to make for her. She loves to look at the pictures in my books, but this time she did more than just look. She just finished Kindergarten and they had been practicing cutting out circles. (It did look like a big circle, I must admit!) She brought me the picture of the kittens and said "I cutted it for you, Grandma, so you won't lose it."

Some tape and time and it is now mostly back in the book. And I managed to save the pattern so I can make those kittens for her!

Still making mittens for the Rez. Using up some dark colors so the boys will have some choices, but I would rather make pretty ones!


Diane said...

That's a pretty good circle. It wasn't easy cutting because of the book binding.

I love it when my grandsons help. From cutting my yarn "so it won't get tangled because it's too long" to pulling all the stitches off the needle and handing me the needle "so you won't lose it" I just smile and say "Thank you sweetie. What did I ever do without you around to help me all the time?"

Anonymous said...

Hey that is my favorite kitty pattern. Grandaughter has good taste. I would have cut that out myself the first time I seen the kttten but........I know better(62 yrs old) and had to buy the book just for that little kitten pattern!