Monday, July 16, 2007

A Nice Surprise!

Ann nominated me for Rockin'Girl Blogger! Pretty nifty! So now I get to nominate 5 other girl bloggers that I read.

1. Sherie at
Love her charity knitting projects.

2. Marguerite at
Who does CIC knitting and makes wonderful patterns.

3. Margie at
Who does really incredible socks and inspires me to make my own!

4. Wool Winder at
I love the spinning info and pictures of the flowers.

5. Lisa Grossman, AKA the Tsarina of Tsocks at
She talks to her yarn and gets it to do wonderful things!

There are many others, of course, but I do enjoy these for the variety. Probably my favorite blog is Sheep Shots. But Ann has been nominated already by Mariella.

Mittens for Cora's classmates.
Thick wool socks for Akkol.
A hat for the Rez.

Cool ties for the troops.
Some shorts for myself, but I keep putting them on the back burner! Maybe I should make them pants for the winter!

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