Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back to my Clover DPNS

I've been working on a pair of socks for myself using Magic Loop and Addi Turbos sz 3s, but the light has been glaring off of the needles and really bothering my eyes. Ever since I had cataract surgery I've had trouble with night vision and reflected lights. I remembered that I had some Clover bamboo size 3s so I switch over to them and they are MUCH easier on my eyes! No more glare! I love knitting Magic Loop and I did try Clover circs, but really didn't like the cable--too stiff. But the 7" DPNS are working fine for me now, so I went online to Knit Picks and ordered a few more sizes. (now don't laugh, Ann!) It's a good thing that I learned to make socks on DPNS many years ago, so it's not a BIG deal! But I will have to reorganize my knitting needles a bit differently now.

I found directions for sewing a simple school bag from Bev's Country Cottage. It is from the LDS Humanitarian link she has posted there:

We are doing a School Supply Fund for the Cheyenne River Rez and I am collecting the monies for that for us. We will be purchasing paper and notebooks for the kids online in early August and having them shipped directly to the Rez--hopefully for free if the order is big enough. So after looking at the School Bag directions, I decided that I would make some of them and fill them with everything on the list EXCEPT the paper. That way each child will have the essentials to start school with, Julie can supply the paper for them at the Main and I will have the fun of knowing that I am working for individual children.

I love projects like this--I always loved starting the new school year! My grandmother would take us shopping for a new outfit, my folks got us new shoes (which always pinched my toes after being bare-footed all summer!) and there was the excitement of finding out who our new teacher would be for the year.

PS No more Adult Surprise Sweater. Unraveled it. Hated the colors when knitted together, so will have to try again another day! I love being the boss of my knitting!

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