Saturday, May 12, 2007

Have Cast on For My Adult Surprise Jacket

306 stitches later, I am finally knitting on my Adult Surprise Jacket. I've made lots of the BSJs, but this is the first adult version that I've made. We are having a knitalong on the knitbabysurprise group so it seemed like a good time to get it underway. I'm using red, off white, yellow, sage green, dusky blue and medium beige. Will be fun to see how they all work together!

I enjoyed a long talk with my granddaughter, Piper, in Calif today. Thank goodness for free minutes and mobile phones! She has learned to write her name in Japanese and said she would sign my Mother's Day card in print, cursive and kanji! I'll have to frame that one!

After Piper and I had a long talk, she wanted to chat with Cora and they talked and talked and talked! I loved listening to them! Cora told Piper how I sing to her at night before she goes to sleep and wanted me to sing to Piper. Which I did! Cora told her that I call them my Baby Dolls and that I love them both very much. She then turned to me and said, "Piper said she loves you very much, too, Grandma" I guess you know my heart was full of joy with those two little ones--they give so much love!

Piper told me the colors she wants for her Christmas sweater. I will have to make the ASJ for her this year as she is getting bigger. Love that percentage system. Cora orders up something new everyday!

I got the movie World Trade Center in the mail today, so will turn that on and knit on the ASJ. I hope it is as good as the Da Vinci Code which I watched yesterday. Boy, that one kept me guessing right up to the end!


carole said...

How do you join the baby surprise jacket group on Yahoo. I know there is a waiting list. I have made three of these so far and would like to make an adult one.

carole said...

I am writing this again because I don't think I got through. I would like to join the baby surprise jacket list on Yahoo. I know there is a waiting list. I have made three of these and would like to learn how to do the adult one. Thank you.

Anami Love said...

Write to Marilyn, the list mom, at

Tell her about your experience making the BSJ and that you want to join. She will get back to you. She has been very prompt.

The list was closed in order limit it to knitters who are familiar with Elizabeth Zimmermann and want to explore more of her designs. It is a large list and we had some beginning knitters join in the early days who really needed a different list to help them. There are a number of yahoo groups that are more appropriate for beginning knitters and we try to guide them to those groups.

You sound like just the kind of knitter we are looking for!