Friday, June 15, 2007

Letter Person Parade

Today was the Letter Person Parade at Cora's school. Each of the kindergarteners got to choose their favorite letter and then wear a costume for that letter. The kids were so cute!

Cora chose the letter A and she and I planned her costume together. Made of pink fabric (of course!) it pulls over her head and has a giant A on the front. On the back panel, I had Cora use a permanent marker to make lots and lots of A's. Then Cora came up with the idea of making "flaps" with the same green fabric and putting more A's on them! Which we did! No problem knowing which letter Cora had chosen! Not to mention the fact that she got to be at the head of the parade! Hmmmm--smart girl!

I finished a pair of wool baby mitts and have only the thumb to knit on a pair of Purple Mittens. Very pretty. I think I may make some thumbless toddler mitts now.

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DJ said...

How sweet. I well remember the "T" costume that I used an M&M costume pattern to make a turtle costume for my DGS to where in his Letter Parade in KIndergarten. He passed his driving test today, so that tells you how long ago it was.
So, cute! Enjoy the little ones, they grow so fast.